3 Easy Holiday Decor DIYs Made from Repurposed Cards

Look, I totally get that you may not want to add one more thing to your list before Christmas, but we are in love with these three ways to repurpose those holiday cards that you can’t seem to throw away each year. Get out your exacto knife! Read more here.


Christmas Trees that Would Make Dolly Parton Proud

Dabney Frake is a life-long Dolly Parton fan (she’s not the only one) and recently went to her concert here in St Louis. As always, she charmed me with her humor and humility, and her unapologetic “what you see is what you get” attitude, combined with love and acceptance for others. She’s brassy in the best possible way, and the queen of one-liners. Here are some of my favorite Dolly quotes from over the years, peppered with a bunch of Christmas trees that would make her proud. Read more here.


An Envy-Enducing Alpine Bunk Room

The bunk beds Boulder architect Dale Hubbard designed for a client in Australia take sleepovers to a whole new level. In fact, I’m pretty sure I know a handful of adults who would love to slumber in this room. Read more here. 


Cozy Plaid Reading Nook

Who knew black walls could actually make a space inviting and cozy? The good folks at Oh Happy Day obviously had a clue. Read more here.


Thanksgiving Decor. Because, it’s around the corner!

It may feel as though it was just yesterday that you were carving pumpkins. However, we want to help you get a jump on Thanksgiving so it doesn’t feel like it crept up on you in the last second. Here are some gorgeous images that will help inspire your table for the upcoming holiday! Read more here.


Kiawah Island project, Elizabeth Newman decorator, Front entry

Styling an Entryway

Often times when one is looking to re-design a room in their home, the kitchen or bathroom is the first to get a makeover. 

However, the entryway is the most important and often over-looked room in the home. Here are some inspiring designs to 

get your creative juices flowing! Read more here.


3 day weekend anyone?!

We are well into 2014, well, into it enough to admit that those resolutions, while good intentioned might remain intentions rather than the life altering actions we dreamed they would become.. But that’s okay; it’s the thought that counts, right?? If you are still committed to those resolutions AMAZING JOB, it’s people like you who inspire me to be better every day! No matter the status of these resolutions, let’s hit refresh this weekend and make your home a place you are excited to return to after a long day. 

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Freshen Up Your Holiday Decor

You don’t have to spend a ton of money or endless hours hand crafting ideas you’ve found on Pinterest to revamp your holiday décor. Here are a few tips and tricks to make your surroundings feel fresh as your snuggle in for the season!

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Black & White a Timeless Trend

For me, when I think of black and white, many things come to mind; the nostalgia of an old photograph, the glamour of walking across a shiny marble checkerboard floor, the naturally rhythmic stripes on a zebra, piano keys dancing with song, the list could go on and on… My point is, there is something eye catching about the contrast between the two and when this age old principle is put to use in design the result is most often timeless and stunning when executed with balance. 

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Richard’s Trunk Tall Coffee Table

RH.RichardsTrunkTallCoffeeTableInspired by a mid-20th-century aircraft, this polished aluminum steamer trunk is beautifully detailed through patchwork design and exposed steel screws.


35″W x 21″D x 22″H


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