Interior Design Services

11538108_490132534483701_6424597467002594428_oAt Ballard Design Studio we approach our designs with curious and critical thinking. In a constantly evolving industry, we strive to inspire sustainable solutions that improve the health and well being of our clients and their communities.


Hourly rate, $130 per hour

-Design hours are estimated and agreed upon prior to design beginning. This creates trust and understanding of what work can be accomplished in a specified amount of time for an agreed upon cost.

Single day session, $350

-A 3 hour, break out, session where we conceptualize your space in a format that allows ideas to be formed together and then executed by you, the client. The following items are typically addressed however each space’s needs differ and are customized accordingly: space planning, paint options, source furniture, art and accessories. At the end of this session you are given the documents and information curated during the session to execute the design.
*A single day session is only enough to conceptualize one space. Additional single day sessions or hourly design time will be necessary to take on multiple spaces.

Color Consult, $250

-This is a flat fee service that includes only paint recommendations; up to 5 rooms.


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